Obtaining a professional license in Dubai, UAE.

Individuals who are specialists and professionals are required to hold a professional trade license to operate in the UAE.

To establish a business in the UAE, it is mandatory for professionals and experts to obtain a professional trade license. This license plays a crucial role in the success of a service-centric company by guaranteeing the quality of skills employed.

In the UAE, obtaining a professional license is determined by an individual’s level of education and field of specialization. The process of acquiring such a license takes into account various factors, including documentation, approvals from the Chamber of Commerce, and completing necessary formalities with the municipality. At AL-AHRAM Business Services, we ensure that with the appropriate paperwork, acquiring your professional business license can be done efficiently and quickly

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Were you aware that foreign investors may own %100 of a business in Dubai with a professional license? Certain jurisdictions may also allow for a sole proprietorship with such licenses. However, a local service agent, a UAE national, is required to complete legal formalities. The agent has no further involvement in the company and charges a fixed annual fee. This isn’t the case in mainland business setup, where a %51 partnership is owned by a UAE national.

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Secure a professional trade license seamlessly with the expert assistance of AL-AHRAM Business Services. Benefit from the following value-added services and amenities:

  • Furnishing you with the necessary documentation from the judiciary.
  • Collaborating with academic institutions to obtain endorsements.
  • Services provided include, but are not limited to, visa applications, license applications, labor quota acquisition, and translation services.
  • Aiding in the establishment of business bank accounts.
  • Our services offer a consistent yearly cost, upfront honesty in all transactions, and dependability you can trust.
  • Apt for all those venturing into the UAE market, be they entrepreneurs, SMEs, or MNCs.

In the UAE, there is a strong push towards fostering professional entrepreneurship, offering an easy process for establishing a professional company in the region. If you’re seeking more information on procuring or renewing professional trade licenses in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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