Obtaining an industrial trade license in Dubai, UAE

Industrial and manufacturing companies must possess an industrial license as a requirement.

For industrial and manufacturing enterprises in Dubai, possessing an industrial license is imperative to carry out operations smoothly. Issuance of industrial trade licenses is overseen by the Department of Economic Development. However, compulsory approbations from the Finance and Industry Ministry and requisites from other jurisdictions must be obtained. A UAE industrial license is valid for a stipulated duration, contingent on adherence to the stated conditions upon issuance.

Organizations that transform natural resources or raw materials into new, semi-finished, or fully finished products are eligible for a Dubai Industrial Trade License. This license is granted for operations that involve altering the physical structure or appearance of materials.

portrait factory worker protective equipment holding thumbs up production hall

Permitted Business Ventures Under Dubai Trade License

After acquiring your industrial license, a plethora of activities becomes accessible to you, such as:

  • Gold and precious stone cutting manufacturing
  • Steel structure, steel workshop and tools
  • Cast iron and steel
  • Raw material processing
  • Extraction of oil and metals
  • Petroleum product manufacturing
  • Manufacture of metal shells, containers, boxes, steel structures and steel structure workshops
  • Manufacturing and maintenance of light aircraft
  • Manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles, and their parts
  • Farm implements and accessories manufacturing
  • Battery production
  • Wood processing, wood products, and furniture manufacturing
  • Fabric and Textile Manufacturing
  • Equipment and system manufacturing
  • Production of bread and other foods
  • Paper goods manufacturing
  • Advertising and decoration model making
  • Manufacture of coatings, insulating materials, seals and protective materials
  • Manufacture of the ceramic and glass industry
  • Cutting lenses and repairing broken glass
  • Meat processing
  • Create various home appliances
  • Installation of air conditioning
  • Waste collection and treatment