Obtaining a Commercial license in Dubai, UAE.

To conduct any commercial trade within the UAE, it is mandatory to acquire a commercial trade license.

Companies engaged in any commercial trading activities are eligible for a commercial license across Dubai and the UAE, regardless of whether they are general or specialized traders.

Commercial trade licenses play a crucial role in regulating and safeguarding businesses. Retail outlets, construction firms, real estate agencies, transportation companies, and other general trading entities also require commercial trade licenses for compliance.

Dubai’s most commonly utilized commercial license is granted to businesses engaged in trade and commerce within the UAE. For instance, if your company specializes in General Trading, you can legally import, re-export, and trade approved goods and commodities.


Benefits of a Dubai Business License

Obtained commercial trade license from AL-AHRAM Business Services. We offer you various advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • You can carry out up to ten related business activities in one trade license
  • Multiple choice between company types
  • Several adjacent activities can be combined under one license
  • Establish a secure business relationship with the Commercial Registry and DED
  • Applying for visas, and licenses, obtaining job quotas, translation services, etc.
  • Assist in opening a company bank account
  • No corporate tax, no income tax, and a simplified financial reporting system
  • Cheap way to renew the business license in UAE